Mar 11

Outlining Our Paths to Impact and Change - 12:00 PM

As individuals experience these topics in different ways, our first Working Group session was focused on understanding meaning to establish a common baseline from which to grow. As we continue to build a strong foundation for success, our second Working Group session on March 11 will identify those...

Feb 11

Harnessing Our United Strength to Create Meaningful Change - 12:00 PM

With more than 25,000 people engaging in the COVID Advocacy Exchange in 2020, including 288 different advocacy organizations from 95 countries, it is evident there is a need for the platform, the connections and resources it provides. Not surprisingly, there is also a desire to expand on the established foundation and elevate our united strength to bring about real change. We asked - and you identified - four...

Sheila Thorne President and CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC
Tina Ripperger Accenture, Managing Director What If Innovation, Partner, Global Head of Life Sciences
Jan 14

Advocacy for Advancements: Patient Insight Influencing Action - 12:00 PM

Let's take a step back. It's the New Year after a year unlike any we could have imagined! However, in the midst of the disruption and disaster wrought by COVID, the advocacy community has accomplished some great things. Join us on January 14th at the COVID Advocacy Exchange as we take stock of the year by discussing the accomplishments that did happen and consider what more we can do in 2021!

Brian Lee Director, Global Advocacy, CV, Fibrosis, MS and LCM, Bristol Myers Squibb
Maria Dutarte Coordinator, European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI)
Neil Bertelsen HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Group
Mellanie True Hills CSP, Founder and CEO,
Dec 17

Building Stronger Relationships Across Healthcare Through Empathy - 12:00 PM

As healthcare systems have increased in size, it has become difficult for patients, doctors and caregivers to have meaningful conversations. And … it can sometimes feel like physicians, patients and advocates, and industry all speak different languages. Throw in the intense pressure of the COVID pandemic and the lack of good communication between these groups can leave people pulling...

Shanelle Gabriel HBO Def Poet/ Singer/ Activist/ Advocate for Lupus Awareness
Erin Galyean Author, Speaker, & Trainer
Laura Adams Special Advisor, National Academy of Medicine Catalyst, X4Health Principal, Laura Adams Consulting
Sandra Leung Executive Vice President, General Counsel Bristol Myers Squibb
Nov 12

Taking Action to Correct Health Inequities - 12:00 PM

The pandemic has brought the topic of health inequalities to the forefront of people’s minds across the globe. We live in an era where technology has made healthcare more available than ever before, and yet we struggle to deliver fair and equitable care to those who need it most. Now we have a chance to reassess and correct systemic imbalances in our health systems. What will we do with this...

John L. Damonti President, Bristol Myers Squibb
Steven Kramer Deaf Community Representative
Patricia (Patti) Mae Doykos PhD Lead, Health Equity Initiative and Director, Bristol Myers Squibb
Kristen D. Krause PhD, MPH Deputy Director, Center for Health, Identity, Behavior and Prevention Studies (CHIBPS)
Feyikemi (Kemi) Osundina PharmD, MS Associate Director of Oncology Advocacy, Bristol Myers Squibb
Perry N. Halkitis PhD, MS, MPH Dean, Professor of Urban-Global Public Health, and Director of Center for Health, Identity, Behavior and Prevention Studies (CHIBPS) at the Rutgers School of Public Health
Anthonise Louis Fields PhD Director, Strategic Collaborations, World Wide Medical, Bristol Myers Squibb
Oct 14

Moving Forward and Rebuilding - 12:00 PM

This year, COVID has presented all of us with many unknowns. As we continue navigating these challenging times, we could all use a little extra support. During this live session of the COVID Advocacy Exchange, keynote speaker Adam Grant will discuss moving forward and rebuilding, together. As an organizational psychologist, Adam...

Adam Grant Organizational Psychologist The Wharton School of Business Bestselling Author Host: WorkLife, a TED Original Podcast
Chris Boerner PhD Executive Vice President, Chief Commercialization Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb
Oct 08

Getting Back to Work - 12:00 PM

COVID has caused unprecedented disruption to the global economy, leaving millions of people without jobs, or a plan for how and when to return to work. While some companies have developed detailed strategies to maintain safety, many others do not have the means or infrastructure to invoke health screenings or social distancing rules. Compounding this, there has been little discussion of...

Tinamarie Duff Global Lead, Differently-Abled Workplace Network (DAWN) People and Business Resource Group, Bristol Myers Squibb
Noreen Gleason Executive Director, Business Continuity and Corporate Event Response Team Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb
Sep 10

Getting Back to Normal: Care by Putting Patients First - 12:00 PM

If there is one positive thing that can be taken from the COVID pandemic, it is the opportunity to step back and reassess how our healthcare systems provide care. Whether uncovering areas for improvement, beginning to address health inequalities, or creating new opportunities for collaboration, COVID has demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses of our systems. As we return to treatment...

Dr. Nicholas A.J. Botwood BSc, MB BS, MRCP, MFPM Head of US Medical Affairs, Interim Head of Oncology Development, Bristol Myers Squibb
Jul 23

The Patient Voice & Patient-Focused Drug Development - 12:00 PM

Patient-focused drug development is a systematic approach to help ensure that patients’ experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities are captured and meaningfully incorporated into clinical testing. This week, you can learn from experts how this new paradigm in drug development is impacting the way researchers and pharma companies think about trials and how it is making healthcare more...

Samit Hirawat M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Global Drug Development, Bristol Myers Squibb
Danielle Halstrom Head, R&D, GPS and Commercial Communications & Global Advocacy Corporate Affairs, Bristol Myers Squibb
Begonya Nafria Coordinator, Share4Rare & Patient Engagement in Research Coordinator, Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital
Kathleen A. Arntsen President & CEO, Lupus and Allied Diseases Association, Inc.
Tamás Bereczky MA, PhD Courses and Contents Coordinator, EUPATI
Oriana Sousa SCOCHT survivor, Founder/Psychologist, Dealing with Cancer, Patient Advocate, Rare 2030, EUPATI Student
Jul 16

Reshaping Healthcare: Thinking Differently after COVID - 12:00 PM

COVID-19 has exposed the inadequacy of healthcare systems around the world and brought public attention to government and private institutions alike. The lack of preparedness points to inefficiencies, lack of resources, and the impact of for-profit healthcare. COVID offers an opportunity to reshape healthcare in ways that were impossible just a few months ago. The pandemic may be the...

Katie Rizvi Youth Cancer Europe Co-Founder and Executive Director
KT Jones Cancer Survivor & Patient Advocate
Lily Cannon Operations Manager, Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF)
Eleanor M. Perfetto Edwards Ph.D., M.S. Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, National Health Council (NHC)
Ester Banque SVP & Head of Intercontinental Commercial, Bristol Myers Squibb
Jul 09

Preventive Care & COVID - 12:00 PM

COVID-19 has exposed the inadequacy of healthcare systems around the world and brought public attention to government and private institutions alike. The lack of preparedness points to inefficiencies, lack of resources, and the impact of for profit healthcare. COVID offers an opportunity to reshape healthcare in ways that were impossible just a few months ago. The pandemic may be the...

Patrick E. McBride MD, MPH, FAHA, FACC, FNLA Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health; Former Associate Dean of Faculty, and Associate Dean for Students; Former Director, UW Preventive Cardiology Program
Robert C. Block MD, MPH, FACP, FNLA, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences and the Cardiology Division, Department of Medicine, University of Rochester
Jessica Valence Colorectal Cancer Survivor, Patient Advocate, Director of Operations, GRYT Health
Richard Wender M.D. Professor, Family and Community Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University
Lisa Berry Edwards Managing Director, External Affairs, Prevent Cancer Foundation
Anita Wiseman Campaigns and Partnerships, World Stroke Organization
Jul 02

Practical Solutions for Patients during COVID - 12:00 PM

The end of quarantine has little meaning for the millions of patients with chronic medical conditions around the world. While the healthy begin to get back to some semblance of a life, those with pre-existing conditions are left to wonder when, and if, that will be a possibility. With so many basic questions left unanswered, the need for simple, practical solutions to patient problems is greater...

Diane Gross National Director of Advocacy and Programs, Lupus Research Alliance
Anders Thelborg General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb Denmark
Pat Masterson Vice President, HUSCO International, MaskForce LLC
Megan-Claire Chase Cancer Survivor, Blogger & Patient Advocate
Kelly Brassil Ph.D., R.N. Director of Medical Affairs, Pack Health
Gaetano Crupi President and General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb Brazil
Jun 25

Mental Health, Well-Being, and Psychosocial Support for Patients - 12:00 PM

As people around the world report significant and sustained increases in symptoms of depression and anxiety, it has become abundantly clear that COVID will impact our mental health just as hard as our hospitals and economies. Social-distancing and stay-at-home orders, job loss and insecurity, uncertainty and worry--all contribute to a growing crisis that is falling hard upon...

Kelly Davis Director of Peer Advocacy, Supports, and Services, Mental Health America (MHA)
Teri S. Brister Ph.D., LPC National Director Research & Quality Assurance, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Dominika Czarnota-Szałkowska Secretary General, Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society, Executive Committee Member, European Multiple Sclerosis Platform
Catherine Benedict Ph.D. Psychologist, Stanford University School of Medicine
Jasmin Watson-El MS Patient Ambassador
Jun 18

Telemedicine and Access to Care - 12:00 PM

An important consequence of the global pandemic has been to greatly accelerate the use of telemedicine. While this development has enabled continued contact between patients and physicians during COVID, it has also exposed the pervasive inexperience of our medical systems with digital and virtual models of care. This session will bring together patients, physicians, and advocates to discuss...

Adriana Zupa-Fernandez Global PBRG (People & Business Resource Group) Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb
Sandeep Pulim M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Bluestream Health
Dr. Morhaf Al Achkar Lung Cancer survivor, Family Physician UW Medicine
Matt Bouchonville MD Associate Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Associate Director, ECHO Institute, University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Leticia Ferri MD MSc MBA PhD, Global Lead, OLA (Organization for Latino Achievement), Bristol Myers Squibb
Sirisha Mohan M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor, Telemedicine Physician Lead, Interim Associate Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program, Department of Family Medicine, Keck School of Medicine
Jun 11

Safely Returning to Clinical Trials - 12:00 PM

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, clinical trial recruitment and enrollment is down 40-60% across therapeutic areas. As the quarantine period ends, we are left with many questions about how to safely move forward with research, especially for patients suffering from serious, life-threatening diseases that might increase their risk of dying from COVID-19. This session will bring together the...

Kathryn (Kate) Owen Senior Vice President, Major Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb
Kathleen Griffin Executive Director, Partnerships and Digital Engagement, Syneos Health
Dr. Amy C. Moore Director, Science & Research, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
Upal Basu Roy PhD, MPH Vice President of Research, LUNGevity Foundation
Christopher D. Ferris MD, PhD, MPH Gastroenterologist, Tryon Medical Partners
Jun 04

Going Virtual: Best Practices for Advocacy Organizations - 12:00 PM

A major change wrought by COVID is the transition to virtual communication. Advocacy organizations face the daunting task of restructuring their entire communication frameworks to meet this new reality. This session brings together experts from academia, advocacy, and industry to discuss how to build a virtual organization, run a virtual conference, and initiate virtual fundraising, so...

Dave Fuehrer CEO, and CoFounder, GRYT Health
Shwen Gwee VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb
Lorna Warwick CEO, Lymphoma Coalition
Nick Giallourakis Co-Founder and President, Elephants and Tea
Crista Lopes Professor, University of California, Irvine
May 28

Coalitions & Collaboration - 12:00 PM

In a post-COVID world, advocacy organizations will face increased pressure to meet their mandates with fewer resources and fundraising capability. Coalitions offer a simple and effective way to pool resources, share information, improve problem-solving, and increase awareness. In this session, we will investigate the impact of coalitions on patient advocacy and explore best practices for forming...

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez CEO, The Max Foundation
Dr. Cary Adams CEO, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)
Trudie C A Lobban MBE, Founder & Trustee, Arrhythmia Alliance, Founder & CEO, AF Association, Founder & CEO, STARS
May 21

Welcome & Introduction - 12:00 PM

This is an unprecedented time for healthcare systems around the world. We, as patient advocates, are rushing to understand the impact on our communities and to figure out the best way to offer aid, resources, and support. This first session will focus on framing the problems that we all face so we can begin to tackle them together. Our panel will open the conversation by addressing...

Dave Fuehrer CEO, and CoFounder, GRYT Health
Cathy Trzaskawka Executive Director & Head, Global Advocacy, Bristol Myers Squibb
Catherine Owen Senior Vice President, Major Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb
Wayne Eskridge CEO, Fatty Liver Foundation
Seth D. Ginsberg CO-Founder, Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF)
Andrea Vassalotti Partnerships & Programmes Director, World Heart Federation
Gary Nolan Independent Advisor